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MBFWA Day 1: Day and Night

The stark contrast between the two shows Fashion Fondue attended was like day and night in the calibre of showmanship, design, styling and pretty much everything.

Romance Was Born took us out of this world and into a land of pastel rainbow mushrooms, life-sized dolls and aliens. The centrepiece of the show was a montage doll-sized landscape of sandy hills, giant mushrooms in tripped out psychedelic pastel sugar and cotton candy. The urge to run towards the centre to devour the entire set was almost overwhelming. Pretty certain I could’ve made a run for it.

A deep contrast with last season’s collection where models were transformed into Marvel comic superheroes and villains with a strong colour palette, this season the PowerPuff girls tripping on one too many Magic Mushrooms (and perhaps LSD) seem to be the inspiration. I love Romance Was Born every season, this season was no exception.

Labels MaidenLove, Gypsea, Skye & Staghorn and Surface Too Deep presented their swimwear in the Group Swim show. With swimwear, there is nothing new under the sun and the show relied heavily on styling and accessorising for pieces to stand out.

Whether in print as shown in Maidenlove, Scuba colour-blocking in Sky & Staghorn, one-piece kitten printing in Gypsea or vintage cuttings in Surface Too Deep, the message is clear as day – wear whatever the hell you want to the beach just make sure it’s colourful.

Gypsea Gypsea1 SkyeStaghorn1

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