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Chanel RTW Fall 2013 PFW

Every season Chanel delivers something that seems to conjure up reviews which consists of a limited range of vocabulary in 50 shades of fabulousness.

I haven’t read any reviews yet but needless to say, romantic declarations of genius will be had and following the code of the followers of fashion, I’m required to also sing praises of Chanel, labelling the most flamboyant and unwearable pieces as “must-haves” for the season and shouting (in this case tweeting/ facebooking/ pinteresting) off the top of my lungs that Karl Lagerfeld is god reincarnate.

And I feel a slight ping of guilt even as I type this but this season was ordinary.

Did Chanel deliver what we expected? Yes.

And therein lies the problem. Yes, it’s beautiful. Yes, it’s exquisite old world craftsmanship and yes it’s the signature tweed. But I don’t want the expected.

I can’t tell Karl how to design or which creative direction to take, but with his hoards of minions, he could’ve done better than his 79 looks of coats with overturned hems, coats with detachable bottoms, coats with camellia motifs, 80’s style furry jumpers, black skintight leather boots and flared short/skirts/skorts.

It’s still lovely, beautiful rah rah rah so here are some pictures *squeal*

P.S. Is it just me or are the 79 looks really 5 sets of 25 looks? This season seems totally incoherent – is the globe centrepiece just a lazy excuse to somehow pull everything together and call it “international”?


CHA_2299.450x675 CHA_2107.450x675 CHA_1891.450x675 CHA_1788.450x675

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