Fashion Fondue

Changing room fashion

London. Top Shop. Sale.

Some stuff I didn’t end up buying – well I did have to edit, taking into account wearability and pack-ability (crepey and chiffony material is a nightmare when it comes to creasing).

Can you tell I love my prints?
This is an example of mildly clashing prints. And an example of why trying stuff on is so important – look at the crazy crotch of those trousers!

The sheer floral blouse. Looked good on the rack. Not so much on my rack (when up close). Two options – one with suede shorts (less era/trend driven). One (below) with huge 70’s flares – good but impractical (just look at those horrible crease-marks!).
The suede shorts won.

Can’t wait the weather gets warmer so I can bust out the colour blocking, 60’s prints and 70’s flares (so flattering with a pair of wedges)!!!

If you’re strapped for cash and don’t mind spending an extended period of time in change rooms which (sometimes) smell like feet, playing dress ups (for free!) is a fun way to calm your fashion obsessions in between sales.

Just don’t strut into Chanel demanding to sample the whole Cruise collection. Even if you know someone there.

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