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Me so confusion


I wanna splurge my entire life savings on this whole Romance Was Born W11  collection.

As always, their pieces are fashion forward yet totally wearable (yes I would wear those kimonos down the street).

They’ve really outdone themselves this time with a more demure (hmm, it’s all relative) collection which I guess you could say is Asian (which part of Asia?) inspired.

This collection you could see they used alot of heavy weight asian fabrics (Chinese and Japanese), mixed with some beautiful digital prints (they leave me speechless) with a spot of the leopard print/ floral lace trend thrown in for the commercial factor. They could really give Chrstopher Kane/ Erdem a run for their money.

Like many Western designers who draw inspiration from Asian influences without REALLY understanding it, RWB really got their asian cultures mixed up – those straw hats? Vietnamnese. Dragons and stuff? Chinese. The Qi Pao (Chinese costume)? Chinese. Hair and kimonos were Japanese.

I would’ve been a bit offended if I didn’t love them so much!!!

And I guess if Karl Lagerfield made the same faux pas with Chanel Prefall 2010 (aka Paris Shanghai) with the Vietnamnese straw hats, then everyone else is allowed to make the same mistake.

Anyhoo, the fav pieces. Omg I love them all. The fabrrriiiiicssss!!! I want them. Now.

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