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What can you buy for $200…?

Not much, if you live in Australia (and don’t shop online internationally).

I applied for the Westfield Insider comp and had to come up with an outfit (which had to be purchased from Westfields) for under $200! Of course, it’s possible but the truth is, most of the items were quite poor quality and whilst it may look good in a glossy mag, most of the time it looks cheap in real life.

There’s definitely nothing wrong with buying a $30 dress from Supre, it will likely be on trend too but I try not to practise fast, disposable fashion (think Supre, Temt, SES, etc). Not only because it’s not green but because quality is important to me (without compromising on price).

I’m a firm believer of finding value in good quality key investment pieces that you can wear across a few seasons and can easily work into the rest of your wardrobe – because if you think about it, you need more than ONE “on trend” look for the season, and just with for example, 5 looks under $200 – that’s $1000 already!!! You’re better off updating your wardobe for half that amount.

Aside from the $200 challenge, I did a little shopping and pulled together 3 outfits (reusing pieces for each look). I was going to post this up on their facebook wall but really didn’t end up finding the time – since I was too busy filming/ editing a video appliction which ended up wasting my time coz the top 5 were selected even before I submitted my application. But anyways.

What I’ve learnt in the time I’ve been in retail Head Office is that women are instincitvely smart/savvy shoppers already. I’ve found that the best selling pieces are either 1. advertised/ merchandised well or 2. VERSATILE!!!! (i.e. can dress up or down for work/play/casual).

That is definitely a shopping philosophy I agree with. So here it is…

First row (l to r):

Khaki+ sweatpants + nautical trend
-Cotton batwing b+w stripe tee by David Lawrence – $69 (this is actually a best seller)
-Khaki tapered sweatpants by Country Road – $79.95 (available online)

World Traveller/ ethnic print trend
-Grey marl rouched cotton jersey dress by Country Road – $129 (it is SO comfy and also a great length sits just above the knees and honestly grey marl goes with everything)
– Silk cotton ikat print scarf/ throw on by Country Road – $59.95 (it’s big but lightweight. Also great as a sarong for the beach)

Nautical + belt trend
Batwing tee by David Lawrence (as above)
Cotton jersey rouched dress by Country Road (as above)
Brown leather belt by Zara (my own – but you can easily buy one from Cotton On or *gasp* SUPRE!) for under $20

Dress the 3 looks up with a pair of Acne-inspired wedges by Tony Bianco ($149.95 – buy one get 2nd pair 50% off at Myer) or down with a pair of studded sandals by Rubi Shoes for $25.

I personally love top handle bags. I can’t get enough of them (will do a post on this later) but the Fiorelli option from Myer is just $49.95 and it really ties the looks together!

The total came to $562.80 which is an average of $187.60 per outfit but these are good quality verataile items which you can work into your wardrobe and the possibilites are endless.

As for the question of WHO will be Australia’s savviest shopper/ the Westfield Insider? YOU can decide by voting at!!

All 3 finalists are awesome and each are talented but I’ve voted for SAMNANG the most! I went to TAFE with him and I found I can really talk about fashion with him coz he knows what he’s talking about!

Help yourself (you could win $5000 in gift vouchers by voting) and help others by voting now! You can vote once a day 🙂

FF x

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4 thoughts on “What can you buy for $200…?

  1. awwwwwwwwww thanks pauline!!!!!
    Esp. love those looks! amazing!

  2. love the looks that you pulled and that they are so versatile and actually really wearable! great work x alittany.

  3. Catherine on said:

    I absolutely love the looks! Do you think they’ll still have the bag at Myer?

    • Thanks Catherine!

      The top handle bag trend has steered towards a more collegiate briefcase look, so I doubt the bag will still be available now, after all these months!

      However, for something similar you could try looking on I LOVE this site was shopping, and the shipping is reasonable – 10 pounds flat rate!! Try River Island, one of my favourite High Street brands. Otherwise look in their sale section – there’s always a great selection of EVERYTHING on sale!

      Hope this helps!

      ff x

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