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About time Saks offered international shipping. Hopefully barney’s will follow suit!

With Aussie dollar at an all time high, it is TIME to help those in need.Boost America’s economy, keep American designers in business by SHOPPING from US online stores! Plus, grab yourself a bargain! There’s always something on sale at neiman marcus and bergdorf goodman.

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2 thoughts on “Hallelujah!!!

  1. pauline, im pretty sure saks have always done international shipping 🙂 well for the past year i think 🙂

    • Hahaha nah I telling my friend about a pair of white manolo blahnik’s for her wedding coz they were on sale and she was like “uhh Pauline, they don’t ship to Australia” =.=;
      Bergdorf and Neiman Marcus has been doing it for a while.
      I used to get stuff sent to me by a personal shopper from Saks coz they didn’t do international shipping.

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