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Fashion History for Sale

Got an email from about 5 minutes ago. In addition to selling fashion, now they’re in the business of selling fashion history as well.

For £500 a pop, you could own a piece of Grace Kelly! The photos are originals (which means $$$!!) and personally signed by her highness Anna Wintour… which I just don’t understand. How can you equate Anna Wintour to Grace Kelly???

Needless to say, most of them were sold out within minutes. Not that there were many of them to begin with.

My favourite? The classically beautiful and elegant princess Grace Kelly. Anyone who has an Hermes bag named after them is AWESOME!

What would you do with £500 to spend at NAP?


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One thought on “Fashion History for Sale

  1. simply gorgeous darling! who wouldnt want an original photo of a fashion icon plastered on their wall at home?! for 500 pounds?…bargain! 😉 too bad most of the popular pics are sold out!

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