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‘Bounty Hunter’ by Grazia

How EXCITING! I’m featured in a glossy mag!! This week’s Grazia ran a street style two-pager. The girls at Grazia were very generous with my photo which was right in the middle of the spread, on the right hand side of the page! And thanks for the lovely comments Grazia! Love it! : )

[pix from Grazia]
Some notable shots: Kelsey from ANTM 7 (second from left) and Alexandra – model, blogger and the photog’s sister (last one). I want her H&M leather pants.

[pix from Grazia]
On me: nude pink H&M blazer, ivory Rachel Gilbert fringing and jewelled top, high-waisted watercolour floral print pants from my mum’s wardrobe, beige G&L Handmade heels, white vintage glomesh clutch, gold Hermes Kelly watch

[pix from Grazia]
This week’s cover… hmmmmm….. not feeling it….

And because I thought the photo didn’t do justice to some of the details…

Fringing and glass beads; the gold plated hardwear; watercolour floral print

I love love LOVE my mum’s floral pants. And I love that I have it all to myself (since she doesn’t fit into it anymore) MUHAHAHA! I love the pants so much, I used them in a shoot I did last year to enter a styling comp. I know you must be dying to know more about this (ahem) but – till next time!!


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4 thoughts on “‘Bounty Hunter’ by Grazia

  1. Good job pli! 😀

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