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thank goodness for the dentist

I have a sweet tooth. If you open my drawer at work you’ll find endless snacks and at least two shiny new blocks of Cadbury Rocky Road chocolate (Mmmmmmmm). I’ve recently just started obsessing with Cadbury Rocky Road – before RR it was Toblerone and before that it was…. I can’t quite remember.

You see, I’m a mildly obsessive person. If I love something I will overload on it so much that I eventually sick of it. The type of sick you feel between inhaling lethal amounts of alcohol and projectile regurgitating that day’s breakfast, lunch and dinner on the wall outside the club. This is why I try not to follow trends – but more on that another time.

If fashion was chocolate, I would be a morbidly obese depressed person with only a few blackened cavity-filled teeth left barely hanging from my gum (Lovely image in your head? You’re welcome).

With this in mind, Fashion Fondue will focus on what I’m currently mildly obsessing about in fashion and style, my personal style and some insight or focus on Australians in the fashion industry from time to time – we’ll see how that works out 🙂

Please – comment. debate. whinge. After all, in the blogosphere you remain anonymous (unless you don’t want to be).

If you’re up for getting together to make some fashion babies – I’m always keen to exchange creative ideas. I love love love styling in particular. If you’re looking for/ is a model, emerging designer, PR, photographer, make up or hair person – let me know! I’ll be glad to help where I can.

Thanks for reading!

On me: Biker leather jacket, vintage butterfly sequin top, Marcs jeans, G&L Handmade heels, Balenciaga motorcycle bag
On my friend’s hand: CC Skye leather + chain bracelet
 | May 2009

Love, FF x

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2 thoughts on “thank goodness for the dentist

  1. I like your friends hand!

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